How to Open & Operate a Financially Successful Medical Billing Service

According to the U.S. Department of Labor s most recent statistical data, the median annual income of a professional in the medical billing industry is $29,000 and, as a business owner, you could earn even more. The healthcare industry provides 14 million jobs and it is estimated that the industry will generate 3 million new jobs by 2016, more than any other industry. If you are detail-oriented, want to be your own boss, and would like to act on the behalf of physicians all over the country, the medical billing service business could be a right fit for you.

Whether you will be operating out of your home or you are looking to buy or rent office space, this book can help you with a wealth of start-up information, from how to form and name your business to deciding if this will be a joint venture or if you would rather work solo. Valuable information on forming a Partnership, LLC, Corporation, or becoming a Sole Proprietor, the four types of business formation, is included, as well as the legal implications of each.

A complete list of all of the start-up equipment that you will need is provided, as well as a sample budgeting sheet to allow you to gauge start-up costs. You will learn about potential risks that you take in opening a medical billing service and why it is important to have business insurance.

You will find information on the operations side of running your business from filling medical billing claims to receiving payments, along with privacy information that you will need to know such as HIPPA. Included is a glossary with all of the medical billing terms that you will need in order to knowledgeably run your business, alongside a complete listing of procedural codes and a directory of insurance carriers. You will learn about each of the covered services in the medical field, along with other major medical industries such as, psychiatric, dental, durable medical equipment, and pharmacy.

This complete manual will arm you with everything you need, including sample business forms; contracts; worksheets and checklists for planning, opening, and running day-to-day operations; lists; plans and layouts; and dozens of other valuable, timesaving tools of the trade that no business owner should be without. A special chapter on the different types of billing software that you should buy is included, as well as how much it will cost you and how to set up and use the software to save time and money.

While providing detailed instruction and examples, the author leads you through every detail that will bring success. You will learn how to draw up a winning business plan (the companion CD-ROM has the actual business plan you can use in Microsoft WordTM) and about basic cost control systems, copyright and trademark issues, branding, management, legal concerns, sales and marketing techniques, and pricing formulas.

You will learn how to hire and keep a qualified professional staff, how to meet IRS requirements, how to manage and train employees, how to generate high profile public relations and publicity, and how to implement low cost internal marketing ideas. You will learn how to build your business by using low and no cost ways to satisfy customers, as well as ways to increase sales, have customers refer others to you, and thousands of great tips and useful guidelines.   The companion CD-ROM is included with the print version of this book; however is not available for download with the electronic version.  It may be obtained separately by contacting Atlantic Publishing Group at

Atlantic Publishing is a small, independent publishing company based in Ocala, Florida. Founded over twenty years ago in the company president’s garage, Atlantic Publishing has grown to become a renowned resource for non-fiction books. Today, over 450 titles are in print covering subjects such as small business, healthy living, management, finance, careers, and real estate. Atlantic Publishing prides itself on producing award winning, high-quality manuals that give readers up-to-date, pertinent information, real-world examples, and case studies with expert advice.  Every book has resources, contact information, and web sites of the products or companies discussed.

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My Big Idea: 30 Successful Entrepreneurs Reveal How They Found Inspiration (The Sunday Times)

In this book, 30 successful entrepreneurs explain how they turned their dreams into reality. They tell how they decided what to do, how they got started, how they found the money they needed, and how they went about it. But they also reveal how they had doubts, made mistakes, and encountered frustrations along the way. Importantly, they also explain how they overcame these difficulties and turned a dream into a commercially viable reality.

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Where did GOD Hide His Diamonds?: Discovering what exactly God has hidden in you, finding it and prospering freely from it


You hear people say:  “to be successful in life and before God, you have to walk in your calling/talents” – BUT they never tell you HOW to find it. THIS BOOK DOES!

Your calling (not just mere talent) – is like an ATM machine God deposits in every man/woman. IF YOU CAN FIND IT, it will churn out all the successes you have until now, struggled to achieve. That’s pure Diamond.


** Where to look, to find your calling;
** 3 ways to find God’s “Success-ATM” (calling) hidden in you;
** How to prosper FREELY from your unique calling.

Written in a very inspiring yet simple English, you are bound to enjoy reading it from page one.

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How Successful Schools Work: The Impact of Innovative School Leadership

Inside How Successful Schools Work are case studies of cutting edge best practice from inspirational heads and school leaders doing excellent work in schools. They all illustrate how the role, and style, of school leadership is changing. Authors Rona Tutt and Paul Williams look at the characteristics of innovative school leaders, and reflect on how these people work. An appetite for challenge, a desire for a sense of well-being for all those involved in the school and its development and an ability to flex their style of leadership all emerge as core factors in their success.

The Successful Match: 200 Rules to Succeed in the Residency Match

What does it take to match into the specialty and program of your choice?

This question is hotly debated and surveys of medical students and program directors find sharp divisions on the topic. In a recent survey of students, the authors concluded that “there are significant differences between program directors’ and medical students’ perceptions of which factors are important in the residency selection process” (Brandenburg 2005).

In advising students over the years, we have come to realize that misperceptions abound, with students frequently overestimating or underestimating certain residency selection criteria. These misperceptions may result in a failure to match or lead to a match with a less desirable residency program.

From our own experiences as students, and in the process of counseling students, we know how difficult, anxiety-provoking, and mysterious the residency selection process is. In this book, we answer the question of what it takes to match successfully. We provide specific evidence-based advice to maximize your chances of a successful match.

Who actually chooses the residents? We review the data on the decision makers. What do these decision makers care about? We review the data on the criteria that matter to them. How can you convince them that you would be the right resident for their program? We provide concrete, practical recommendations based on this data. At every step of the process, our recommendations are meant to maximize the impact of your application.

Utilizing a unique combination of evidence-based advice and an insiders’ perspective, this book will help you achieve your ultimate goal: The Successful Match.

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How Remarkable Women Lead: The Breakthrough Model for Work and Life

The Remarkable discoveries about what drives and sustains successful women leaders.

Based on five years of proprietary research, How Remarkable Women Lead speaks to you as no other book has, with its hopeful outlook and unique ideas about success. It’s the new “right stuff” of leadership, raising provocative issues such as whether feminine leadership traits (for women and men) are better suited for our fast-changing, hyper-competitive, and increasingly complex world.

The authors, McKinsey & Company consultants Joanna Barsh and Susie Cranston, establish the links between joy, happiness, and distinctive performance with the groundbreaking model of Centered Leadership.

The book’s personal stories and related insights show you the magic that happens when you put the five elements of Centered Leadership–meaning, framing, connecting, engaging, and energizing–to work. They include:

• How Alondra de la Parra built on her strengths and passions to infuse her life with meaning and make her way in the male-dominated world of orchestra conducting
• How Andrea Jung, the CEO of Avon, avoided a downward spiral when the company turned down by “firing herself” on Friday and re-emerging on Monday as the “new” turnaround CEO
• How Ruth Porat’s sponsors at Morgan Stanley not only helped her grow but were also her ballast for coping with difficult personal and professional times
•How Eileen Naughton recovered after losing her dream job, landing on her feet at Google and open to a new leadership opportunity
• How Julie Coates of Woolworth’s Australia makes energy key to her professional success, with reserves for her “second shift” as wife and mother

How Remarkable Women Lead is both profoundly moving and actionable. Woman or man, you’ll find yourself in its pages and emerge with a practical plan for breaking through at both work and in life.

From the Hardcover edition.

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Quiet Impact: How to Be a Successful Introvert

A guide to success taking into account a highly overlooked area of diversity—introversion and extroversion

Most literature on business, communication, and success is focused on extroverts, who feel comfortable networking, talking and being the centre of attention. But at least 30% of the population are introverts, and this book can help them find their voice. Using the latest psychological research, and the author’s own extensive experience coaching introverts in the workplace, this book is packed with practical advice which is easy to implement. It identifies 10 strengths specific strengths that introverts often have (such as independence, perseverance, and writing), and also identifies 10 specific hurdles they often have to overcome (such as hyperstimulation, intellectualism, and fear of conflict). Readers who have taken the personal journey of Susan Cain’s bestseller Quiet and want to know more will find this practical, science-driven guide of particular interest.

How They Got into Harvard: 50 Successful Applicants Share 8 Key Strategies for Getting into the College of Your Choice

Proven Admissions Strategies from Successful Students
In How They Got into Harvard, fifty successful applicants to Harvard University share their tips and tactics for succeeding in the college admissions process. The students profiled in this book were not all class valedictorians, star athletes, or Harvard “legacies.” In fact, many were simply strong all-around applicants who beat the odds and got into one of the country’s most selective institutions. Through each concise account of a single student’s résumé and admissions story, you’ll learn lessons and strategies that you can use on your own applications.
In all, eight key admissions strategies are addressed, including:
-How to identify and present a key talent
-How to make your well-roundedness an asset, not a weakness
-How to forge connections and use them to your advantage
Each student profile also includes all their vital information, including:
-Test scores and GPA
-Extracurricular activities and awards
-Family background and hometown

How to Instantly Connect with Anyone: 96 All-New Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships

This sequel to Leil’s international top selling “How to Talk to Anyone” makes you a master communicator with 96 all new cutting-edge communication “Little Tricks” for big success in business and social relationships—in person, by email, and on the phone. It has been praised as the 21st century version of “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” and was nominated one of the five best books in psychology by “Books for a Better Life!”

The author introduces the psychologically sound concept, “Emotional Prediction” or E.P. which you can employ with everyone. Here are the ten sections of the book:

7 Little Tricks to Make a Great Impression Before People Even Meet You

11 Little Tricks to Take the “Hell” Out of “Hello,” and Put the “Good” in “Good-bye”

12 Little Tricks to Develop an Extraordinary Gift of Gab

10 Little Tricks to Actually Enjoy Parties

5 Little Tricks to Handle the Good, the Bad, and the Bummers

12 Little Tricks to Avoid the 13 Most Common Dumb Things You Should NEVER Say or Do

13 Little Tricks to be a Cool Communicator

11 Little Tricks to Give Your E-Mail Today’s Personality and Tomorrow’s Professionalism

10 Little Tricks to Make an Impression on your Cell (A.K.A. “Phone”)

5 Little Tricks to Deepen the Relationships You Already Have

How Successful People Think Smart: 7 Ways You Can Develop Their Mind Powwer

HOW SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE THINK SMART: 7 Ways You Can Develop Their Mind Power

WHY are some people so successful?

The secret is HOW they use their brain power

Here’s how YOU can duplicate their secrets. This fast-reading book shows EXACTLY how the brains of successful men and women are different – WHY they’re smarter, faster, more creative and unstoppable and end up on top.

The book focuses on proven-effective insights and exercises to help YOU INSTANTLY turn on the same parts of your brain and begin to think like successful people think.


“One of those rare smaller books that leaves you just as satisfied as a longer book.”

“This book is packed with cutting edge knowledge.”

“Really DOES explain what makes the brains of winners different. But most important … shows HOW to do this in your own brain.”

“The exercises in the book are really AMAZING!”

“I did the do the exercises and started seeing results almost instantly.”